Monday, June 24, 2013

Day 32 - Roof and Supplies

Today we got shingles!  Well, some of them anyway.  We have felt on the entire roof and part of the highest peaks shingled.  I had to bring a 3 step stepstoll to get into the house.  It's so high off the ground and they haven't put in any steps yet.  I never wanted so many steps to get in.  Frustrating.

My apologies for some of the poor quality basement pictures.  It was dark and like a sauna down there!
I'm glad they have safety harnesses - even if it's just a rope

I hope they do a good job, I want my roof to last

There's a gap in the peaks, I hope it doesn't cause problems

Morning Room - not a great view but lots of light

Our future kitchen!  SO excited about this room

Goodies for HVAC and stuffs

Formal Living Room, Bathroom

Loft window

Front bedroom

Looking into the Owners and hall bathroom

Middle bedroom and owners bath

Basement Egress window - I HATE the well

Utility/Storage area of basement

Under Morning Room

Basement Closet

I asked to have the closet moved further under stairs

Other basement window


  1. It coming along!!! :-)
    We didn't want any steps either but we have like 4. :-\

    They do keep the highest part of the roof open for some inspections. They'll close that once that's done.

  2. I feel mislead as we were told we wouldn't have any "additional" oops, I guess they were wrong. Sigh.

  3. Hi, Jen! I was bothered about the gaps you mentioned. If you want to make your roof last, you must repair those gaps immediately. Let your roofers know about this problem since I'm sure they already know what to do. By the way, are you done with the construction?

    Ernestine Wollard @