Sunday, March 31, 2013

Our Exterior Color Selections

We made out exterior color selections yesterday.  I met with Elizabeth, our RH SR and played around a little with the available colors.  Ryan Homes has a requirement that doesn't allow a house next/across to each other of the same model/elevation as well as not allowing the same siding/stone/brick color.  This is a good thing in the sense that the homes wont all look the same, it's a bad thing when you're in the middle of homes your selections are pretty slim.
Florence - Elevation K
All our siding will be Variform by PlyGem (Below photo is not our color selection)
Siding - Nottingham Double 4.5" Dutch Lap

Nottingham Double 4.5" Dutch Lap
Dutch Lap has flat panels that overlap each other with a shiplap joint, with a decorative groove between the laps. This groove improves strength, creates a narrow reveal line that adds visual interest and creates deeper shadow lines. Double 4.5" Dutch Lap has a 4.5" panel exposure. (Below photo is not our color selection)

7" Board & Batten
7" Board & Batten style siding offers the classic style of wide vertical boards and narrower wooden strips called battens to cover the seams between boards. This is a common architectural cladding style for the entire house or as a decorative accent. (Below photo is not our color selection)

Heritage Cedar Shakes
Double 7" Perfection shingles have a more finished appearance than a hand-split shake. They are patterned from #1 Red Cedar and offer a cleaner and more uniform appearance.

Our Color Options were Island Pearl, Natural Almond, Pebble Gray, and Sandy Tan
We've selected:
Our Roof Color
Tamko - Heritage® Laminated Asphalt Shingles - Rustic Black
Our Brick Color
Boral Bricks - Sugar Creek
Our Door Color
Sherwin-Williams - Raisin
Our Siding Color
Variform - Pebble Clay
Our Board & Batten

Variform - Pebble Clay
Variform - Sandy Tan
Our Shake
Variform - Sandy Tan
Our Soffit/Fascia, Trim, Cutter, Spout & Garage
White Trims
The collection so far


  1. Love the colors... but I'm a bit partial to Sandy Tan. =)

    1. Thanks! Sandy Tan was my second favorite. I'm partial as well :-p

  2. Pretty! Love that evasion! We went with elevation B, all siding. I wish we could have chosen a more cottage style but elevations are expensive in our community and we wanted to spend our money inside. Your house is going to be adorable!

    1. Thanks! I hope we've made a good selection, it seems that there are 2 of the same elevation as mine in my community right behind and behind diagonal. Once we get in and settled we're going to have to jazz up the outside to be different! I was hoping we'd be different than the other homes since we're such a small community and Ryan Homes standard for avoiding similarities but some how they managed to clump 3 of us all in one corner.