Monday, June 3, 2013

Day 11 - Forms Removed, Egress Window Well, Water Proofing, & Sewer and Water Rough-Ins

Today's activity consisted of the foundation forms coming off, the installation of the egress window well, and the walls being water proofed with some nifty mar-flex geo-mat.  They also did the sewer and water rough-ins.  Lots of photos to follow!
The waterproofing used in our development
I'm concerned about the slope of the driveway :-S
Yes, I got in the hole!
Side shot of the egress well
Looking into the well for the depth of the window
I HATE the well but they wouldn't let me buy a different one
Backside - livingroom and morning room
Livingroom and morning room
You can see some of the piping
View from the side street


  1. Great pictures and it is wonderful to see they are making progress. I wish my house would have been fitted with this geo-mat stuff. We just had some sort of paint like stuff that was put on the basement walls.

    1. I'm not sure the exact differences is between the paint vs the mat, I guess that's something I can go look up!

  2. It's funny how we all wait so long for them to start and once they do it goes so fast. I love the wrap, not sure what they are doing on our house. We are about two weeks behind you.

    1. You might catch up at the rate we're going. We've had no movement in 5 days :)