Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Buying a Home the Ryan Way

The following information is courtesy of  I have found it very helpful in learning about the process of purchasing/building through Ryan Homes.

Seven Steps to Homeownership

Buying a Home the Ryan Way
Buying a home is a big decision—one that might seem daunting. While this may be your first time, relax. We've been helping folks find and purchase their dream home for more than sixty years now. Here's how it works.
1  Reserve a Homesite
Work with your sales representative to prepare a cost estimate of the home type, homesite, and features you want. Fill out a few preliminary forms for your loan application, and make a "good faith" deposit to secure your chosen homesite.
2  Personalize Your Home
One big advantage of buying a newly built home is the opportunity to really make it your own. Spend some time to carefully select all of the custom features and color choices that help personalize your home.
3  Complete a Purchase Agreement
Meet with your sales representative to authorize your purchase agreement and make your initial deposit. (Note: We'll return your homesite reservation deposit at this time. In the event that you are unable to obtain a mortgage commitment according to the purchase agreement, ALL deposits will be refunded.)
4  Apply for a Mortgage Loan
Within seven days of signing your purchase agreement, contact a mortgage counselor and complete a loan application. For your convenience, Ryan Homes has its own mortgage company, NVR Mortgage. Why use NVR Mortgage?
5  Complete Your Down Payment
Once the purchase agreement is complete, your sales representative will tell you when the remainder of your home-purchase deposit is due. This deposit, representing the balance of your down payment, is your final payment until closing.
6  Construction Begins
Once your down payment is complete, your mortgage is approved, and the homesite is ready for building, we can start construction. We'll arrange a customer involvement meeting with your project manager and sales and marketing representative to familiarize you with the construction process and discuss what happens next.
7  Go to Closing and Move In
At this point your home is complete and you'll have a new-home demonstration meeting with your project manager. A date and time for closing is set and all final payments are due at this settlement. Once all the papers are signed, you will receive the keys to your new Ryan home.