Sunday, April 21, 2013


I believe we've been sandbagged.  I don't recall it being there before.  When I drove through the community for my daily stalking I noticed the sandbags had been removed from my neighbors (it looks like they recently closed or will very soon) to ours.  But now I'm trying to remember if they were already there or if they've just been moved down to prepare for their sodding or something?

Maybe I'm just wishing we were moving forward versus being stalled.  I hate waiting.  I believe our ordering has begun.  That was the impression that our SR gave my mother and I when we were there on Friday to pay the remaining portion of our down payment.
Sandbags from corner to beginning of neighbors yard
The house you see there is exactly our model and the house right behind us is too!!  They appear to be almost directly across from each other with the way they sit on their lots.  It's a Florence corner apparently :(  Also very similar to our color selections minus the brick colors GAH!  HOW DID RYAN HOMES LET THAT HAPPEN?  And why are we even allowed the SAME elevation?  Disappointing.  I wonder if they do that in other developments?

On a side note, the house going up on the corner diagonal to us is HUGE and is going to be so beautiful and is on our original lot selection (from my first visit) ~ jealousy.  I'm not sure which home it is and the molding at the top doesn't match any of the other homes currently in our community - not even sure it's a cottage.  Maybe it's a new elevation?
House diagonal to us lot 1
***Update this is a NEW Venice Elevation***

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Location, Location, Location

For a while now I've battled internally over our lot location.  It's a corner lot, which is good, it offers a little more space than most of the lots that were left available, however it does mean that we will have a home behind us. 
When we initially looked into the community there were 21 of 60 lots remaining.  The community differs than most in many ways, but also it's unique in the sense that the streets are not lined up so, when you look down the street it's not like looking at house after house of the same thing.  That was the end of September 2012.  There would be no additional homes built in this area so if we wanted in at a price we could afford it would have had to be soon.  The land/community to the right are 700k to million dollar homes located on large lots.  The land/community/lots to the left are 300-600K homes on medium sized lots, although there are some left available it's with a different builder for those communities and outside of your budget. 
When we signed our Purchase agreement there were only 8 lots left (and that was including the lots on paid lot holds)  There wasn't much left to choose from.  Basically we could be smashed in-between homes, pay a lot premium, or take the remaining corner lot and have a home behind us, but on the other side of the walking path.  We opted for the lesser of evils and snatched up the corner.  It's not a bad spot.... really.  None of the spots are bad!  This is a very unique, small, tight-knit community that I believe we're going to absolutely love!  They've even sold 3 or 4 more since then. I'm learning a lot through this process and learning a lot about myself and it's only the beginning.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Telling Friends & Family

This is an odd post.  But I'm wondering when should we tell friends and family that we're building a home?  I don't want to seem like we're bragging, because we're not.  We're just so very excited for our family!  This will be our first home we own.  This will be the first home we're building.  This will be our long dreamt and talked about home.

I would hate to seem unappreciative or inconsiderate.  I know that we are very thankful and this entire process we've had our fingers crossed and have only told those who very obviously would figure it out given overheard conversations with SR or LO or Guardian or RR.  We had decided for sure that we would not tell anyone else until we got a final loan approval but it appears that nothing is really final until you close or maybe I am misunderstanding.  Also, our LO doesn't seem to think there's anything to worry about.  I'm kind of torn.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Flooring - Example Photos

I'm obsessed!! Just dreaming about our flooring :)

NVR Mortgage Update #3

We finally heard from our LO with NVRM yesterday.  A few items needed to be sent (proof of deposit checks to RH clearing bank) and I think we're off to Underwriting!  Whew, I'll be so relieved
when this part is over.  Both the SR and LO do not seemed to be concerned that there will be any problems.  Fingers crossed.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ryan Homes Garage Door Opener Information

Ok, so after much squinting and searching I believe I've found the information on the Garage Door Opener offered through RH.  We haven't decided if we're going with it or getting our own after Close. This may not be the same one available to everyone in all areas.

*** Update:  We've elected not to go with RH's opener because it's chain driven and since we will have a room above the garage have decided to have our own belt driven opener installed AC. ***

Upgraded Padding

Initially when we made our flooring selection I convinced myself that I wanted to upgrade the carpet padding in the basement and the upper floor (the main floor will have no carpeting) but I'm starting to reconsider.  Perhaps it's not needed?  We didn't upgrade to the fullest padding - we went with the 8lb admiral.  The included is 5lb.  How many of you wonderful blogger pals upgraded your padding?  What were your reasons?  If your build is done, do you regret your decision?

I'm beginning to feel so wishwashy!  I'm just trying to squeeze things into the budget or out of it lol.  I'm wondering how many change orders are too many?  Our SR hates me, I just know it!  :(

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Garage Door Opener Option with RH - Help

Does anyone have the garage door opener offered by Ryan Homes?  What's your thoughts on it?  I got some info from my SR on it but it's missing the model name and really most of the details.  Is it chain or belt?  Have you had any problems with it?  Can you use one of those nifty apps to run it?  Does it have any nifty features at all?

Did you opt to buy your own and install it?  Did you opt to buy your own and pay someone to install it?  I'm leaning towards taking it off our list since I know so little about it and don't seem to have sufficient reviews.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

NVR Mortgage Update #2

I sent an e-mail to our NVRM loan officer on 28-MAR-13 get an update on our loan status and request on some small loan detail information but still have yet to hear back.  Our initial NVRM meeting for the Loan Application was 26-MAR-13.  I'm concerned.  We have received a specific letter today we requested stating we're purchasing a home that we worked through RH to get from NVR but we've heard NOTHING directly from NVR or the LO.  No calls, no letters, no request for additional information, not a single peep.  Should we be concerned?  Should we consider this bad customer service?  I have no idea if we ever made it to under-writing.  I have no idea if our file is sitting under a dried out coffee cup on someone's desk or if it fell into the trash can near the edge of this same desk.  This goes beyond no news is good news because now I feel like I'm completely in the dark and nervous!

I've spoken to our SR and she assures me everything is good.  There is usually around 2 weeks of silence as things work through the process.  She also assures me that if NVR needed something they'd let us know.  I'm beginning to think that because we were so very thorough when we were preparing for the loan application that we may have given them everything they needed.  Let's hope so :)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Where's the off switch? :-S

I am currently following quite a few fellow Ryan Homes blogs and I just love reading everyone's updates and selections, ups and downs, and experiences.  I absolutely LOVE the photos.

But I wonder - am I going to regret the items I passed on because of budget?  I hope not.  I know we all have our own priority list but (and this is hard to admit) I sometimes feel jealous! Oh my gosh, I wish we had an unlimited budget!  LOL!!  I wish that we could afford the hardwood floors!  I wish we could afford to upgrade owner's bath, the bathroom cabinets, the faucets, the lighting, and I could go on and on and on!  But, wow, we've already added quite a bit but you look at it and say only $150 more to upgrade blah and blah.  It adds up and fast!

I would have never imagined it would be this difficult to make these types of decisions before this process started.  There's so much to consider when making selections.  And even now that most of our selections are done I still can't stop second guessing and wanting to change things!  Oye, where's the off switch?!


~Update 13-APR-13~
I managed to distance myself for a few days because I started getting on my own nerves.  I'm becoming obsessive!  LOL.  I'm a dweller... I'm dwelling!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Samples - Wow, I'm spending how much and you wont give me a simple sample?

I'm slightly agitated.  The amount of money I'm spending on flooring upgrades you think it would be easy to get a tiny sample for furniture shopping?  EEEE - Negative!

$15 dollars to get a sample of my laminate.  What?  Seriously?  Ok - wait $15 for a sample of my vinyl?  Ok, that's a little ridiculous!

I also reached out to our siding supplier for a teeny tiny sample of our two colors to assist with deck color selection - EEEEEE - No response - At All!

I'm not asking for full pieces of my selections, just tiny little swatches to help me furnish a home I'm spending the rest of my life paying for.  I'm not shopping for floors here folks, I've made my selections.  It's not like I'm asking for 5 of each type of everything you have!  Maybe I am asking for too much?  Maybe I'm expecting too much?  Even a color print out that is accurate would do!  EEEEE - Negative!

Maybe I'm just in a "Monday" foul mood.  Tomorrow this probably wont be a big deal, but it is a little sad, not even a paper print out.  :(

~Update 13-APR-13~
I'm still having problems getting samples and it disappoints me.  I can't seem to find any in-stores and reaching out to the suppliers have referred me to my SR for RH and RR who in turn referred me to the suppliers.  It is a small thing in the scheme of things but then on the other hand it's not.  This is my home, the most expensive thing I will purchase in my life, and I don't want to wait until the finished product to begin budgeting and planning to furnish it.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

NVR Mortgage Update

I sent an e-mail to our NVRM loan officer a week ago to just get an update on our loan status and request on some small loan detail information but still have yet to hear back.  Our SR was able to answer one of our questions which helped a little bit but I have no idea if we're on the right track or not.  Maybe no news is good news!?  Fingers crossed that we're all good!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Half Walls VS Pine Stair W/ Oak Handrail, Wrought Iron/White Balusters Decisions, Decisions! Help!

I immediately leaned in the direction of the Oak Handrail with Wrought Iron Balusters - but do we really need it?  $2k for some iron balusters versus $1k for wood?  Or I could just go with none and pay $0. These kinds of decisions are killing me!
Half Capped Wall
Handrail with White Balusters
Handrail with Wrought Iron (easily diy upgrade AC)