Friday, March 29, 2013

Our Ryan Homes - Homeowner's Guide Chapters 1 - 3 Overview

When we signed our Purchase Agreement, along with a HUGE pile of paperwork, we received a white binder homeowner's guide.  I immediately started reading it (I read everything, if not at the very moment of receipt then later when I have more time) and using postie notes for concerns and questions.  It's too bad it's standard size and all our paperwork is long, otherwise I would use this as our central document holder and information source.  We're actually in the midst of Chapters 2 and 3 at the same time - so by no means is this a chronological step by step.
 There's a nifty little Table of Content and introduction for every section.
  1. Introduction
  2. Purchasing Your Home
  3. Arranging Your Loan with NVRM
  4. Construction of Your Home
  5. Closing on Your Home
  6. Quality and Customer Care - What to Expect after Closing
  7. Glossary of Terms
  8. Appendix A - Homeowner's Maintenance Guide & Warranty

Chapter 1 - Introduction to Ryan Homes and what the steps are for each portion of the home building process.  This basically just quickly goes over what types of things we will be doing for each chapter. 

Chapter 2 - Purchasing Your Home and making our choices.  First step, which we completed before receiving the guide (uh), is the Purchase Agreement.  The second step is making our home selections.  We picked a few items before we sat down to decide on the home based on things we knew we had to have and then was given the guide for further selections.  Now we've had some more time we've done an high end overview of the plans, made our flooring sections, and wiring selections.  The guide outlines what items to take into consideration when making our selections and the availability of selections (options are different everywhere based on many things - but my thoughts are it never hurts to ask!)  The guide also provides agendas for your consultation/selection meetings for wiring and flooring.

Chapter 3 - Arranging Your Loan with NVRM.  This is an introduction to NVR Mortgage and the loan application process.  It also provides an agenda for your initial loan application meeting.

I'll cover more of these chapters as I move through them.

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