Sunday, March 24, 2013

Options - UG!

I can't believe how difficult it is for us to select our options!  We have tossed around a list for a few days now.  We've sent a wish list to our SR to send to NVRM to get a better number for the loan amount. 

Staying within budget is difficult.  We want to logically consider our choices and the cost of them.  We'd love to get the deck but we think it's expensive for its size.  It's also very simple and plain.  We know it's not practical for us to plan on building it ourselves later.  Having 2 weeks to make your selections is very difficult!  It could possibly be because 2 weeks is too long, giving yourself more opportunities to change your mind.  Or it could possibly be because you need much more time to plan a house top to bottoms.


  1. Selecting your options is hard! You want everything but have to consider the budget in the end.

    1. Too bad we couldn't go without a budget!