Friday, March 15, 2013

Is it Trash?

On Sunday afternoon, I was doing my normal week end rounds to pick up the neighbors trash and toys from my yard and street.  I dread this part of my week because I have to pick up gross things that have been discarded by inconsiderate people.  Every time I think one day soon I will have my own space, I won't have to put up with landlords, always fearing of pissing off the wrong people, or eviction threats.

During this routinely day dreamy cleanup I happened to glance at paper I had just pulled out of a wet gutter and see my name on it.  I open it up and it's a flyer from Ryan Homes - Home of the Month.  Is it a sign?  Is it trash?  I set it open on the counter to dry out and go on about my day.

I mention the flyer to my mother a few days later and explain how the deal is really good.  I mention it's a limited time offer on only 1 lot and she encourages me to give the Sales Rep a call.  Since it's already 2 weeks into the sale I had little faith anything would come of it.  The next day I give them a ring, I told my story about visiting the model before and driving through the community often and mention the flyer - UHG - but of course, the house sold and the SR is out.  I was deflated!  The lady that took my call was so very kind though and said she'd try to get in touch with someone to see if anything else was being offered.  I didn't expect a call back because sometimes things are just too good to be true.

Not much later, however, my phone rings and it's the assistant saying that we could get a similar deal!  Woot!!  But she wanted to send me the pre-qualification paperwork to get started and schedule an appointment later that week to meet with the SR.  EEK - the dreaded financing part.  It's one thing to dream about a home but financing one is a nightmare from what I'm told.

Oh, but what could it hurt to give it a try?  If not now, then when?  I agree to setup an appointment with the SR for Saturday and set about getting the information to my mother.  Our plans were to set ourselves up with a home to share, with enough room for her, her grandchildren, and myself.

It was a little rough going at first.  We got the wrong forms, twice.  That was a sign or so we thought.  We got a call saying we would be getting the right forms sent to us but of course it was too late for us to handle the paperwork that day.  We'd have to fill it out and bring it with us to our appointment.  Well, I guess if it's not something you have to work for it's not worth having... right?

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