Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Day 61 - Porch Poured

Today our front porch was poured.  I'm very concerned at the amount of steps to get into our home.  I feel we were mislead about our lot.  I've been trying to come to terms with it but it makes me so unhappy to think about the additional steps and lot grading.
I hope the next few weeks go buy quickly and we see more progress.


  1. Will it be three steps up? Or more than that?

  2. We weren't expecting any steps either, but turns out we will have some too. It pretty much looks as high as your. I'm thinking 3-4 steps...

  3. Hi, Jennifer! It's been five months since you posted this. I'm wondering what happened to your porch, especially the steps that you're thinking about. You have a wide space for a porch and I hope you were able to maximize it. Anyway, can you share an update about the construction? Thanks! :)

    Barrett Elmore @ Nehemiah.com