Monday, July 8, 2013

Day 46 - More Drywall

Looks like they have all the sheet rock hung.  It's starting to look like a real house now! 

I counted no less than 15 bottles/cups/cans and fast food containers strewn inside the house and even more on the outside lot on my visit and photographed it for good measure.  I am quite bothered by this.  I understand that people have to eat and drink but I don't think our house is best suited to be treated like a dump.  They should either bring in a can for their trash or take it with them when they leave.  I'm embarrassed to even post the pictures that includes the trash, however there were some that couldn't be avoided.

pantry and fridge nook
looking into the family room
looking into the formal living room and stairs
powder room, closet, and trash
formal living room
more basement
and some more basement


  1. Looking good!
    Why don't you politely mention the trash to your PM. I guess he'll understand and let the crew know.

    1. Yeah, I've mentioned it a few times now. I think he has too many homes going at once. I know it's not his job to babysit but it's a huge disappointment. :(