Sunday, May 19, 2013

Pre-Construction Meeting

We had our Pre-Construction meeting Friday.  Most of it was good, although we're concerned about our lot and grading, until we make sure we understand what's happening, I'm trying not to let it get me too worked up.  I'll talk more about in another entry after I talk to the SR and PM again.

We got to sit down with the SR, PM, and I believe another PM that was just observing.  It took approximately 2 hours from start to finish.  Our PM Kevin has many years of experience building homes under his belt and and we feel confident things will go well once we get started.

To prepare myself I took all of my questions and some other items from other bloggers that I thought might be important for us to ask about our home and combined them into a simple document I brought with me.

The first item we covered was the placement of the house on the lot.  This was all shown on the APEX survey.  This is where our concerns began.  Our home is going to be very close to the neighbor. It's like 15 feet, with a slightly closer set in one corner of the home.  The reason we're so close, I believe, is because of the additional driveway and lot grading issues.

After covering where all the utilities will come into the house we moved onto the basic house materials and option selections.  This went pretty smoothly as I know what we selected by heart!  The documents didn't have the most recent selections and were missing only 1 item that we'll have to submit one more change order.

We're set to break ground Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday May 21 - 23, depending on conditions.  The approximate walk through will be scheduled between August 6 - 8.  We're beginning to get very excited!

You can view my Pre-Construction Question List and answers here: Our Tips & Questions to Ask
This will be the view from the front window/door with the corner of a yet to be built house on the right
This will be the view from the morning room/my bedroom


  1. Looks like the meeting went well! Congrats!! That's a very good list. Hope you figure our your grading thing. Maybe your PM or SR can point out other homes in your neighborhood that may have the same kinda grading as they are planning to do yours. Our PM did that for us, it made sense after we saw what he was talking about.

    1. Unfortunately there is no other lot like ours and this lot grading issue is just making me sick. I am so unhappy at the moment. I have little faith at the moment. The pre-construction meeting went well but the lot is a HUGE issue.

  2. It looks like this was a great meeting. Hopefully, you were able to set up a good rapport with your PM now. That will help along the way. Hopefully, the weather will stay away, but it looks like thunderstorms according to your accuweather ad on your site. Rain, rain go away!

    1. Looks like our ground breaking will be delayed... the lot is a big issue :(

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