Friday, May 10, 2013

We Scheduled Our Pre-Construction Meeting!

Finally, I feel like we're making some progress!  We've scheduled our Pre-Construction meeting for Friday, May 17 @ 12 p.m.  I can hardly contain my excitement!!!

Now to polish my spreadsheet of options, questions, and floor plan.  I wonder if our PM will end up hating me as much as our SR does.  :(

I have so much to ask.  I feel guilt.  Then I talk myself out of the guilt, after all this is OUR home.   We're paying for it and living in it and we want to know everything about it.  We want everything to be right and to our selections.  Isn't that the whole point?


  1. Exciting!!!

    Well you shouldn't feel guilty, as you said its your home and you are paying for it! And it is their job to help to understand this whole process. Go for it.

  2. exciting!
    we also have our pre-construction meeting coming up and a long list of questions/concerns to go along with it. Best of luck :)

    1. I hope all your questions were answered!

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