Sunday, May 5, 2013

Ryan Homes Blog | Bedrooms to Backyards

Ryan Homes has a blog!  Ryan Homes Blog | Bedrooms to Backyards  Yup, they sure do.  Some helpful information, not just about home buying but also home maintenance, budgeting, credit repair, decorating, landscaping, and more.  Although I don't feel like the articles are overly informative, they do give you somewhere to start in just about every category.  Having a starting point when you're considering such a huge decision is price-less.

I wish that I would have been referred to the blog when I first visited a Ryan Homes model.  It would have been helpful to peek into the wide world of Ryan Homes.  Definitely this article would have been helpful: How to Choose the Not-Yet-Built Home.

This one is helpful to those of us who are wondering what's next or what's taking so long: Building a New Home.

It was fun to look through and I bookmarked a few things.  Some of the items are tailored, obviously, to Ryan Homes and building with them but some of the information is general and can be applied to the building process, home buying, home financing, and home maintenance of any home.

Just thought I'd share with those just considering Ryan Homes or home building.


  1. I like their blog, it has some great tips and tricks. Their facebook page leaves little to be desired though. I find that if you want to learn about RH's the best way is to read the other homeowners blogs, we seem to have more info on the models and pictures and option choices than what RH's offers on their website, fb and blog combined.

    1. I have to agree! I have gotten most of my knowledge through ours blogs. It's definitely the first place I will refer anyone looking to build. I refer EVERYONE I talk to to my blog and the blogs I follow.

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