Sunday, April 21, 2013


I believe we've been sandbagged.  I don't recall it being there before.  When I drove through the community for my daily stalking I noticed the sandbags had been removed from my neighbors (it looks like they recently closed or will very soon) to ours.  But now I'm trying to remember if they were already there or if they've just been moved down to prepare for their sodding or something?

Maybe I'm just wishing we were moving forward versus being stalled.  I hate waiting.  I believe our ordering has begun.  That was the impression that our SR gave my mother and I when we were there on Friday to pay the remaining portion of our down payment.
Sandbags from corner to beginning of neighbors yard
The house you see there is exactly our model and the house right behind us is too!!  They appear to be almost directly across from each other with the way they sit on their lots.  It's a Florence corner apparently :(  Also very similar to our color selections minus the brick colors GAH!  HOW DID RYAN HOMES LET THAT HAPPEN?  And why are we even allowed the SAME elevation?  Disappointing.  I wonder if they do that in other developments?

On a side note, the house going up on the corner diagonal to us is HUGE and is going to be so beautiful and is on our original lot selection (from my first visit) ~ jealousy.  I'm not sure which home it is and the molding at the top doesn't match any of the other homes currently in our community - not even sure it's a cottage.  Maybe it's a new elevation?
House diagonal to us lot 1
***Update this is a NEW Venice Elevation***

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