Sunday, September 23, 2012

Where We Started

I've known for years that my dream was to own my own home.  Over the years the dream has grown and formed in my mind.  Hoping all hopes, knowing all knows that one day it would come true.

After many weekends of driving through neighborhoods and seeing all the beautiful homes I could only dream of owning I stumbled into a budding little development - it was perfect from the moment I saw it!  It was small, sweet, and had some of the most beautiful cottage style homes I've seen.

Honestly, my first thought was the sign had to be wrong - homes from 150,000?  There's no way!  I was too shy to go into the model.  It's true - you can be home shopping shy.  I felt it was out of reach.  I was embarrassed of the thought of stumbling around some gorgeous model home that I could never afford.  Oh, so heart wrenching!

I visited that little neighborhood many, many times... watching as these homes began sprouting up like flowers in a beautiful garden.  Long story short, with the encouragement of my wonderful mother, we made our first visit to Ryan Homes and I was so completely blown away of the beauty that a home could offer.  There was a wonderful sales representative to show us around -- and to disappear to give us time to awe over some of the wonderful parts.  He even showed us a home that was nearly ready to be closed on.

He reviewed our financing options and opened our eyes to how affordable building a home could really be.  I had researched for many months on home buying and home building and I could fill pages with all my knowledge but I know there's so much more to learn.  That's where this blog comes in.  I want to share my experiences with you!  I want to show you my journey, every bump, every set back, and hopefully a bit of smooth road ahead, I'm laying it all out there.

So this is where we started.  A hope, a dream, and a simple visit to a Ryan Homes model on 23-SEP-12.

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